About us

Psanctuary, a 508(c)(1)(A) faith-based organization, is a Constitutional Church. It is our sincere belief that the consumption of psilocybin-containing mushrooms is a communion which brings us closer to what is commonly called God, We understand this concept as pure consciousness, which permeates all being. This pure consciousness is, we believe the Ineffable Source of Creation. Psanctuary is a grounded, nature centered, non-dogmatic, non-hierarchical faith based organization.

Our faith in sacred mushrooms stems from pre-historical use by our ancestors and personal experiences of our modern members. It is our belief that psilocybin containing mushrooms are the greatest sacrament that Nature offers, raising our awareness so that we can access a direct connection to the Source of Life.

Our community consists of families and individuals from all walks of life and is open to individuals from any faith or background. We are an inclusive community recognizing only one race of humans and one life force that manifests in a multitude of forms and appearances.


We welcome everyone, from all walks of life and any religious background to join us for a Sunday Inspiration and Integration Zoom Service.

Respect for
the Sacrament

Members illustrate a respect for the sacrament. Sacred mushrooms are used by our members intentionally for spiritual growth and development.

with Us

Active members have access to in person sacrament retreats. Weekend Retreats include accommodations, meals, Psanctuary clerics for support and integration plus 4 weeks of online preparatory and integration coaching.

membership Includes:

  • Zoom access to our Sunday inspiration and integration services.
  • Access to our weekend sacrament retreats under the supervision of trained clerics. 
  • Inclusion in our global community discussion board via Telegram.
  • Continued growth throughJMore Than Integration entheogen coaches and experts.
  • A secured role as a foundational contributor to the renaissance of  faith-based communities centered around sacred mushrooms.

Psanctuary Founders

Our organization is founded on values of community, family and fellowship.
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