Our Vision

Vision and mission

Vision: to live in a world with supportive and joyful communities, empowered to discover our own divinity with sacred mushrooms and each other.

Mission: We are bringing people together for healing and connection to divine revelation through communion with sacred mushrooms.

Core Values:

  • Family
  • Community
  • Faith
  • Sincerity
  • Compassion
  • Curiosity
  • Individual Liberty

Our Guiding Principles

  1. We trust the Mushroom to guide us.
  2. We believe in individual, personal responsibility. 
  3. We admit that we do not know; we are here discovering with you.
  4. We are an inclusive community. 
  5. As we believe in sovereignty, we follow a decentralized model.
  6. We strive to provide safe and supported access to anyone who is seeking, as it is our God given right to commune with our sacrament.

spiritual Sovereignty

Sovereignty- self-directing freedom and especially moral independence

Our beliefs and practices are founded in our spiritual sovereignty. It is our God given right to commune with our sacrament, however our belief in autonomy does not end there.

In addition to sacramental services, Psanctuary is committed to providing its members with the tools they need to heal themselves, in turn, healing the world.

Psanctuary currently offers in person and virtual workshops, circles, and events. Our weekly in person offerings are primarily held in Louisville, KY and are generally open to the public. Our weekly virtual offerings are led by ministers for our community of members and non-members alike.

As Psanctuary continues to grow, we will expand our offerings, such as:

  • Breath work sessions
  • Qigong classes
  • Gardening workshops
  • Book clubs
  • Integration circles
  • Mushroom foraging walks
  • Nutrition and cooking workshops
  • So much more!

All of this is in an effort to help our members embody the sovereignty that all humans intrinsically seek. We can only become free through discipline, and through the discipline of self-development, we want to help you be free.


Decentralization- the dispersion or distribution of functions and powers

From our food supply to our monetary system, centralized, top-down models are failing us. We are in need of decentralized solutions. In the effort to move towards this kind of health centered, faith based, socially active organization, we are organized as a non-hierarchical organization. 

We follow a delegatory decentralization model whereby the responsibilities and accountability of members and locations will be delegated by the By-Laws, Code of Ethics and Operational Guidelines. These are living documents that help guide our organization towards an ever expanding vision of spiritual and personal growth through engaging with our sacrament. 

Our Board of Directors will be reviewed annually, adding new members and retiring older members as necessary. Like our guiding documents, our Board will be a fluid organization that allows for a multitude of perspectives. It is our faith and practice at Psanctuary that individuals from a variety of cultures and lifestyles can come together to create a non-hierarchical community.

Moving towards resource decentralization, our locations seek to include community service projects such as:

  • Accepting a variety of currencies
  • Sustainable mushroom and vegetable farms 
  • Forest preservation programs
  • Political representation (As a 508 org Psanctuary can be both politically and religiously active)
  • Use of alternative sources of energy and building construction and more