Beliefs about our Sacrament

Psanctuary holds the belief that all psilocybin-containing mushrooms of the genus Psilocybe, whether cultivated or wild, are a sacrament to be used as a tool to contact the Divinity within us and all around us. When speaking broadly about these mushrooms, we prefer the term entheogen rather than psychedelic although they are interchangeable. 

Entheogen means to bring forth the Divine from within. This term coined by R. Gordon Wasson, after his initial encounter with the Mazatec mushroom shaman, best describes the function of our sacrament. When we ingest sacred mushrooms,// we are given access to the Divine within ourselves. 

As a faith-based organization, Psanctuary has the religious right to acquire sacrament through safe and sustainable means. If the sacrament is harvested from the wild, it will be identified, collected, and inspected by a state-recognized expert in mushroom taxonomy. If the sacrament is cultivated, it will be grown by professionals in a controlled setting and treated with the highest respect. Our belief and engagement with the sacrament is sincere, and it will only be used in our services. We will not provide access to our sacrament in any illegal context or outside of our spiritual healing services. For our full legal notice, click here.

the healing power of sacred mushrooms

Over the past ten thousand years, sacred mushrooms have been on quite the journey. At least 12,000 years ago our Paleolithic ancestors paid them homage by painting sacred mushroom effigies on cave walls. As time went on, they became the primary sacrament of many indigenous cultures around the world. In the mid Twentieth Century they were outlawed by governments globally. Now they are being touted as one of the premier treatments for mental health in prestigious medical journals and by researchers and clinicians in a multitude of nations. In fact many of the world’s leading universities and medical centers have expanded their research into sacred mushrooms – finally acknowledging their potential as a treatment for depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and a long list of other mental health conditions.

At Psanctuary Church we hearken back to the days of our ancestors while acknowledging the truth that modern research is uncovering. The difference being, we believe that the healing derived from sacred mushrooms is based in their ability to heal the soul of humankind. We recognize that all life is a manifestation of energy, and it is in balancing and repairing the energetic sources of dis-ease that sacred mushrooms provide healing. In the spirit of healing, Psanctuary partners with therapists, medical doctors, and integration experts to provide the greatest benefit and broadest perspective to our community.

For more information on our sacrament’s use in the field of mental health, visit** (Psanctuary has no affiliation with the organization itself.)
Psanctuary exists because of our faith in the sacrament to connect us with Divinity. We should not be mistaken for a medical or therapeutic organization. Our objective is to help and support you in reconnecting with the Universal Source of Healing, your own divine Spirit.

Several of our ministers do have extensive experience working with members suffering from treatment resistant depression, PTSD and crippling anxiety but they are not therapists while administering sacred mushrooms with Psanctuary and should not be viewed as such. While they are caring, attentive and have great expertise in the use of our sacrament, their therapeutic training is limited.

We do not have medical professionals onsite. Participating in our healing ceremonies is done at the individuals own acknowledgement and responsibility of all potential risks. Members of Psanctuary Church will have access to our growing list of integration coaches and therapists, but we strongly encourage anyone facing trauma recovery or mental health issues to work in conjunction with a psychiatrist, psychologist, or accredited therapist.

If you are seeking engagement with our sacrament in the hopes of healing from debilitating trauma or mental health issues, we ask that you disclose this information upon becoming a member. Psanctuary may require consulting with your mental health provider before permitting you to partake in our sacrament. If you are using any medications for mental health, such as SSRIs, SNRIs etc. these must be disclosed before attending a ceremony. If you plan to titrate off of these medications prior to attending a ceremony, this should be done under strict medical supervision.

Our partnering with medical and mental health professionals represents the coming together of the scientific and spiritual, a union that will expedite personal and planetary healing. If you are a medical or mental health professional that would like to contribute to the Psanctuary mission please contact us.

Our friends and family ministers speak on their right to practice with sacred mushrooms

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Sacrament services

Every service, every communion with sacred mushrooms is different. We respect these ceremonies and treat them as sacred, we also acknowledge the value of experiencing the full breadth of emotion that’s required for deep, spiritual healing. For this reason, our services are often filled with laughter, silence, tears, singing, and everything in between. Again, we trust the innate intelligence of our sacrament and allow it to issue whatever process is necessary for individual healing. We defer to that intelligence to help guide participants as they seek the Divine within. 

We understand to the new and experienced alike, this proposition can be a difficult concept to grasp. We want straight answers in life, and sacred mushrooms generally do not give straight answers. Integration is important, ongoing and dynamic. To assist with this process we provide More Than Integration as a part of our ministry to provide additional support for members. 

More Than Integration combines the teachings of the sacrament with coaching and accountability programs to bring about the lasting personal growth that everyone hopes to gain from working with our sacrament. To truly find the Divine within ourselves we need the insights and experiences that the sacrament provides combined with the application of those insights and embodiment of those experiences. This takes support and discipline. We are so happy and grateful to be able to offer this service to our members.

Current sacrament SERVICE Offerings

Minister Training and Ordination Programs

Currently, Psanctuary is focusing our efforts on expanding access to sacrament by educating and empowering our members through levels of 8 week minister training and ordination programs. You can read more about out minister programs here.

Sacrament Services (For Active Members Only)

Psanctuary currently offers small and larger group sacrament services to active members (who have attended at minimum three Sunday Inspiration and Integration or other community services). This offering gives our members access to at minimum, two church clerics for support during communion. Clerics are trained and authorized by the Psanctuary Board of Directors to provide preparation before, care during and integration after sacrament services.

While our sacrament services are performed within a scheduled window of time and with a general itinerary, the structure is loose. When working with the nature of this experience one does well to ‘go with the flow’ of things. At this time Psanctuary has select opportunities for group sacrament services. The best way to keep up to date with all available sacrament services it by becoming a member.

Each sacred mushroom service will be attended by at least two trained church ministers – one male and one female. Their role, first and foremost, is to assist with material needs such as food and water. Ministers offer more direct assistance through emotional support, reassurance, and verbal processing, as needed.

It is our belief that the Source of Life is within you and that our sacrament can reconnect you to this Source. It should be said that the nature of Divinity is both blissful and terrifying, creative and chaotic. For this reason, Psanctuary ministers are here for support. Like lifeguards, our overall hands-off approach allows you to encounter and experience this personal Divinity in safety, even if the waters get choppy.

Sunday Services
Open to the Public Online via Zoom
Ministers enrolled in our Subtle Sacrament program are encouraged to begin their weekly communion during this service.

Every Sunday at 10 am Eastern, Psanctuary invites the public to join in our thirty minute service where we read from inspirational teachings. These readings come from a multitude of spiritual perspectives. You can gain access to Sunday Services HERE via email.

After this inspirational service we invite participants to stay on the call for 90 minutes of integration and discussion where we reflect on sacramental experiences and further discuss the readings from our service. Out of a respect for participant vulnerability we ask that our integration core values be adhered to during this call which are: safety, respect, honesty, vulnerability, and equality. These post service discussions are an integral part of membership in our community.

Click here to learn more about communing with the sacrament and being a part of the Psanctuary Church Community. As Psanctuary continues to grow, we will be sending out updates on our expanded offerings to our community at large. If you would like to be kept in the loop, sign up for our e-mail list below.

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